• Writing about language with language is like designing about design. Or coloring about color. It’s also a bit like performing an autopsy with a severed head. But at the intersection of perspective and experience we find a small space to talk about the language used in advertising, specifically for our interest, the language used in social marketing and advertisers looking to tap into the vein of green consumerism, sometimes called prosumerism.

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July 01, 2007



It is getting crazy. When is the sports illus. green swim suit issue coming out? The buzz does keep momentum going, but it's like a skipping stone - all surface. Does the language support this? This blog is about language right?



hegellian constructs and the synthesis or coalescence towards the mean is always inevitable when we take the long view. this is one movement of history, the other are qualitative shifts, much more if it sticks.

i'm wondering if green is just the surface and sustainability is the long term. meaning that we are moving past our darwinian habits, and going up maslow's heiarchy of needs collectively. meaning that business will finally start to act post industrial age darwinism, and embrace a great collective spirit, less about survival and more social. the green movement is a sign of that, rather the green movement engendred this feeling.

would love to hear your opinion.

thank you

Patrick Byers

Great post, and considering the date, way ahead of the curve, methinks.

How ironic. I just wrote a post on this topic: http://responsiblemarketing.com/blog/?p=351

Keep up the great work!

Patrick Byers

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