• Writing about language with language is like designing about design. Or coloring about color. It’s also a bit like performing an autopsy with a severed head. But at the intersection of perspective and experience we find a small space to talk about the language used in advertising, specifically for our interest, the language used in social marketing and advertisers looking to tap into the vein of green consumerism, sometimes called prosumerism.

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July 09, 2007



One post down, you mention Hegel. Recall that Hegel's aging State restricts its vocabulary, at first to facilitate a common CU to coordinate the State's will among the various actors, then as a consequence of a dying culture.

Not to bum anyone out -- but like . . . you know. Green is green, like money. Hasn't that been the color of all empires? How much does an empire cost, anyhow? And who controls the CU in an empire?

(And for the optimistic rebels on the sly: What empire has gracefully survived an order-of-power shift in technology?)

rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron

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