• Writing about language with language is like designing about design. Or coloring about color. It’s also a bit like performing an autopsy with a severed head. But at the intersection of perspective and experience we find a small space to talk about the language used in advertising, specifically for our interest, the language used in social marketing and advertisers looking to tap into the vein of green consumerism, sometimes called prosumerism.

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May 19, 2007



Saw John's talk a LOHAS. I liked this bit about Monsanto. Keep up the good work!

kate b

This is also discussed in Future of Food, the movie. I swore off corn for a week after I watched it, but realized soon enough that it was unavoidable. Corn, corn flour, and corn by-products is in everything. Great movie, though, inspiring, infuriating.

I love your work, btw. Maybe someday soon, I might be able to join your ranks. Until then...

Happy Independents Day!

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