• Writing about language with language is like designing about design. Or coloring about color. It’s also a bit like performing an autopsy with a severed head. But at the intersection of perspective and experience we find a small space to talk about the language used in advertising, specifically for our interest, the language used in social marketing and advertisers looking to tap into the vein of green consumerism, sometimes called prosumerism.

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May 16, 2007



I was just on the phone with the credit card bank. It reminded me of this post. It was a completely manufactured dialog. "Augie" (oddest fake name ever) had all the power. I explained the situation (I paid the wrong credit card, hence the late payment). But "Augie" had a script...and the power. Even though I had answered all his questions during my explanation of my call,he had the script and the order he needed the answers. I was powerless is this completely staged conversation. It was painful and a good example that a manufactured conversation does not a dialog make.

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