• Writing about language with language is like designing about design. Or coloring about color. It’s also a bit like performing an autopsy with a severed head. But at the intersection of perspective and experience we find a small space to talk about the language used in advertising, specifically for our interest, the language used in social marketing and advertisers looking to tap into the vein of green consumerism, sometimes called prosumerism.

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January 27, 2007



News certainly does generate news- which is why it is almost crucial to generate positive media exposure. Unfortunately, some companies learn this the hard way. Negative exposure, regardless if it is truth or falsehood, can be detrimental to future growth and sustainability of a company.
The language war is an interesting concept. You are perceptive to point out that at its current stance, this niche industry cannot remain both authentic and be simultaneously adopted by every big business out there.


But negative press can work. Look at Turner's gafaw in Boston. They got more press from a stunt god wrong than the stunt could have possibly gotten them.

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